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Local bank

We have local bank transfers enabled in all of our supported countries, which provides a higher success rate than card payments.

Fast and secure transactions

All payments collected are converted to stablecoin (USDT or USDC) and sent to destination in just a few minutes complying with KYC and KYB verifications.


Allowing your users to sell cryptocurrencies and receive local currency in our
supported countries.

Operating in 5 Countries with the safest and fastest transfers

Our cross-border transfer systems using blockchain are faster, more cost-effective and more secure than traditional methods.

Who we are

We are a company focused on providing efficient and personalized solutions in the field of digital asset trading. We are here to democratize financial access through cryptocurrency. In a world where traditional financial systems often remain inaccessible to many, cryptocurrency emerges as a viable way to democratize financial access. We offer the tools to simplify and secure your cryptocurrency transactions, providing services that operate beyond traditional markets.

Secure transactions with Koywe

Easier payments with no borders giving a global solution.

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Frecuently Asked Questions

Integrating Koywe Ramp offers several advantages, but the most important ones to highlight are:

  • Transparency: From the start, you know the exchange rate for each operation and the final amount to receive.
  • Speed: We process transactions within minutes. Additionally, we make the funds available to our clients (businesses) promptly.
  • Costs: Our service has the lowest costs in the Latin American market.

To accept payments in your client’s local currency and receive them within minutes anywhere globally, as well as to disburse payments in local currency to your clients in Latin America.

No, your company can be incorporated in a different country than those mentioned. We receive local currency in our accounts and transfer it to you in Stablecoin within minutes. For disbursements, you send us stablecoins, and we send local currency to your client.

We take customer security and confidentiality very seriously. Our transactions are carried out solely via encrypted messaging on WhatsApp, which ensures your communication with us is secure. We follow strict privacy policies to protect our customers' personal information and don't share your information with third-party organizations. Additionally, we comply with all relevant regulations to safeguard against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of your personal information.

It's available for clients sending or receiving payments in local currency in Chile, Colombia, Peru, Mexico and, soon in Argentina and Brazil.