Use Cases: Some examples from our customers

Did you know money is older than writing? We know this because the first writings talk about... money! Not money in the way we think of it now, but money nontheless. Money is a fundamentally human concept, we cannot conceive reality without it. We're currently going through a paradigm shift when it comes to money and we believe blockchains will play an important role in this process!

At Koywe, we want to be the tubes and cables that power models that are generating value, through simple and local payment methods. Here are some examples of how we do that.

Customers all over Latin America

Do you sell products or services in Latinamerica? Have you ever dreamed of selling in countries other than your own?

At Koywe we help you quickly reach other markets, without having to worry about creating companies or bank accounts in other countries. Your clients can pay in their own currency, at the most convenient prices, and we make sure you get these funds wherever you want.

Flags from latin american countries

Fintech Backend

Accounts for your clients in dollars and with returns? Low cost international transfer? Clients with KYC all over Latam?

We help you explore the options offered by our partners to achieve this and more, in a scalable way, at reasonable prices and in the easiest manner possible for you and your clients. Always fully compliant with local regulations!

We can help you collect and transfer, fully-compliant KYC and AML, and grow your fintech in the simplest way possible.

A mobile phone with money symbols on it, representing a financial application.